Enable Quarterly Payruns

The following article demonstrates how to enable the Quarterly Payrun type within JCurve Payroll.
Navigating to an employee record:
  1. Navigate to Lists
  2. Down to Employees
  3. Across to Employees and click

Quarterly Payrun 1

  1. Locate any employee record and click Edit next to their name

Quarterly Payrun 2



Viewing the list of available payrun types:
  1. Navigate to the Payroll subtab and click the Open icon next to the Pay Frequency field

Quarterly Payrun 3

  1. Once here, click List

Quarterly Payrun 4

  1. Next, locate the Quarterly payrun type and click Edit

Quarterly Payrun 5



Enabling the Quarterly Payrun type:
  1. Click the checkbox that corresponds to the Show on Employee field
  2. Click the checkbox that corresponds to the Show in Payrun field
  3. Click Save

Quarterly Payrun 6

  1. Now, when loading any employee record, the Quarterly Payrun becomes available for selection

Quarterly Payrun 7

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