Creating a Car Allowance Pay Component

In order to create a Car Allowance Pay Component, first you need to make sure the relevant Pay Components are active.
Enable the Car Allowance Pay Component
  1. Go to JCurve PayrollPayroll SetupPay Component Sub Type.
  2. Check the Show Inactives checkbox.
  3. Navigate to Motor Vehicle (Deductible) and Motor Vehicle (Non-deductible) and remove the check from the checkboxes within the Inactive column.
  4. Click Submit
Add the Motor Vehicle Pay Component to an Employee Record

1. Go to the relevant employee record via: Lists > Employees > Employees and click View.

2. Go to Payroll > Pay Component > Create Allowance.

3. Select either Motor Vehicle (Deductible) or Motor Vehicle (non-deductible) from within the Pay Component Sub Type field.

4. Select the relevant UOM (Unit of Measure) for the employee within the UOM field.

Note: Ensure this matches the pay frequency of the employee.

5. Enter 1 into the Quantity field.

6. Enter a value in the Rate field.

Note: This depends on the UOM you have set in the previous field. eg. Weekly.

7. Ensure the correct figures are carried over and into the Amount and Amount Per Period fields.

8. Enter a start date for the Pay Component within the Start Date field.

9. Enter the relevant Expense Account within the P&L Account field according to the type of Motor Vehicle allowance.

10. Enter the employee location into the Location field (only enter this if you use Locations for reporting expenses within JCurve)

11. Click Save.


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