Gliding Through Global Searches

Global searches are a quick way to find the record or data you’re after. Here are a few more ways to make searching even easier.

Search Prefixes

Have you ever searched on a keyword, only to see a few pages of results returned from many different record types? An easy way to narrow your search results is by using a prefix. This tells JCurve what kind of record you're looking for.

When using the global search, add the first few letters of the type of record you’re after, followed by a colon. e.g. if you’re wanting to see only customer record results, try “cu:” followed by your keyword.

Inactive Records

You can expand your search further to include any inactive records, by adding the + symbol after your keyword, e.g. “cu:company+“.

Wildcard Searches

You can also add a wildcard, to tell JCurve to return records with a partial match on your keyword, e.g. “cu:%company” would return results for “Company”, “Accompany”, “Accompanying”, etc.

A Bit of This OR That

And finally, you can search on multiple keyword strings to be returned in the one search result, but using the OR function. e.g. If I want to see results for ccustomers with any of the keywords “ABC”, “Me” or “You”, I can enter “cu:abc OR me OR you.

Note: OR has to be in capital letters, with a spaces between the separate keywords.

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