Payroll Setup – Multiple Normal Time P&L Accounts

In some payroll scenarios, you may have a requirement for different P&L accounts against the normal time pay component for different employees. The below will show you how to specify the normal time P&L account per employee.

To set the normal time P&L account per employee, you will first need to remove the default P&L account for the normal time pay component:

1. Go to Payroll.

2. Go to Payroll Setup.

3. Select Pay Component Sub Type.

4. Click Edit next to the Normal Time component.


5. Remove the default P&L account, in this example currently listed as Accruals.

6. Click Save.

Note: As you are removing the default P&L account, you will need to ensure that all employees have a P&L account set against their normal time pay component, as follows in these instructions.


You can now use this pay component with P&L accounts set per employee.

To set the P&L account against the employee’s individual normal time pay component:

7. Go to the Payroll tab of the employee record.

8. Click the Pay Component sub tab.

9. Click Edit next to their existing normal time pay component.


10. Set the P&L account as needed.

11. Click Save.


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