Marketing Campaigns – How to Execute

This feature allows you to generate email marketing campaigns to your customers or other intended audiences.

This is where you will use the user group and template already set up in the previous sections, to execute the actual campaign and send out to your customers.

Note: We recommend using the Marketing Manager Role to perform the below steps. 

1. Navigate to the Campaigns drop down.

2. Click Marketing.

3. Click Marketing Campaigns.

Note: This will allow you to see all previous campaigns, which you can view or edit.

4. Click New.


1. Enter a descriptive Title for your campaign.

2. The Manager will be set by default to yourself and can be changed here if needed.

3. The Start Date will be today’s date by default – change this if scheduling for a future date.

4. Set the Campaign Status to In Progress.

5. Set the Next Action to the text Run campaign.

6. Select the name of the Target Group you previously set up.

7. Select the Template which you previously set up.

8. Enter an email Title for the campaign going out.

9. Use Subscription to narrow the group of users receiving the campaign to those with certain subscriptions, eg. subscribed to newsletters, marketings, etc.

10. Set the Channel to Email Promotion.

11. Set the Status to Execute.

12. Select the Date of when you want your Campaign to run.

13. Select the Time at which you want your Campaign to run.

14. Click the Save button.


Your Campaign will now be sent out at the date and time selected, to the user group you specified.

Note: Statistics on sent and bounced email can take longer to update based on the size of your recipient list and the rate the recipient’s email servers accept your email. As data is received by JCurve, statistics are updated every two hours on reports and on the Statistics subtab of campaign records.

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