Online Customer Form

Online customer forms are used to receive information about customers, leads, and contacts from your Web site. You can customize the appearance of this form as well as the information you require from anyone who submits this form.

1. Navigate to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Marketing.

3. Click Online Customer Forms.

Note: Select this option to view the example online form created by JCurve.

4. Click New.


5. Select Default Form Template.


6. Enter a Title for your online form.

7. Enter a Message to appear at the top of your online form.

8. Ensure Enable Online is checked.

9. Click the Select Fields sub tab.

10. Add the fields you wish to appear on your online form and configure the following settings for each:

  • Label – This is how the field will appear on the online form.
  • Width of the field.
  • Make the field mandatory.
  • Update Customer – If details match in existing JCurve account, then the newly entered details will be updated.
  • Update Contact – If details match in existing JCurve account, then the newly entered details will be updated.

Note: Use the Move to Top, Move Down buttons to arrange the order.


11. Click the Detail Message sub tab.

12. Enter your message that will appear at the footer of the online form.


13. Click Set Up Workflow.

Use the below settings to further configure your workflow.


14. Click Set Up Appearance.

Use the below settings to configure the appear of your online form.


15. Click External sub tab.

16. The Publishable Form URL is the URL that you can point to on your website.

You can fill out the form to test and see the unqualified lead create in your JCurve account.

17. Click Save.


The JCurve example online form as shown below.


 Note: If you plan to use your online form to generate leads, you can also add the Unqualified Leads search to your Reminders Portlet.

1. Navigate to the Reminders Portlet.

2. Click Set Up.


3. Click Add Custom Reminders.


4. Select Unqualified Leads List.

5. Click Done.


6. Click Save.


7. Unqualified Leads will now show in your Reminders Portlet.


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