Running a Marketing Campaign

Using JCurve, you can send marketing email campaigns to your customers in plain text or HTML format.
Setting Up the Marketing Group

Note: We recommend using the Marketing Manager role to perform the below steps. 

This determines who will receive your marketing campaign.

  1. Go to the Campaigns drop down
  2. Go to Marketing
  3. Select Groups. Note: this will take you to the current groups set up which you can view or edit
  4. Click the New Group button


  1. Select either a Dynamic list (based on a pre-defined saved search) or Static list (records must be selected and added one by one)
  2. Select the type of members to add (Customer or Contact would be the most common)
  3. Click the Continue button


  1. Enter a name for the new group being created.
  2. Select the Saved Search, ie. Report on which you will base the group listing.
  3. Select the Owner (your own account is selected by default).
  4. A preview list of the customers which are contained in the new group will be displayed here.
  5. Click the Save button.


Setting Up the Marketing Template

This is where you’ll set up the template to be used as your emailed marketing material.

  1. Go to the Campaigns drop down
  2. Go to Marketing
  3. Select Marketing Templates. Note: this will take you to the current templates which you can view or edit
  4. Click the New Template button


Select either Campaign or Online Form. Marketing initiatives such as newsletters would typically be a Campaign. The Online Form will allow for the creation of a simple online viewable HTML page, normally used to receive information about customers, leads, and contacts from your Web site.


  1. Select Blank (CRMSDK)


  1. Enter a name for your email template
  2. If you would like an email to be sent immediately to one email address (useful for checking how the email template looks by sending to yourself), tick the Send Email Preview checkbox and enter an email address
  3. Enter the Subject which will appear as the email heading
  4. You can import a HTML file directly by selecting the File radio checkbox
  5. You can enter your email information directly by selecting the Text Editor radio checkbox
  6. If entering HTML code manually, press this button and enter your HTML code directly into the text box
  7. Click the Save button


  1. Click on the Marketing tab.
  2. Enter an email From description.
  3. Select the From Email Address (see next “optional” section to add more addresses).
  4. Select the Reply to email address (see next “optional” section to add more addresses).
  5. Tick this box if you would like any replies to be CC’d to the sales rep listed on the customer record.
  6. Click the Save button.


Optional: Setting Up Additional Email Addresses

To have additional campaign email addresses selectable for the “From Email Address” and “Reply to Email Address” fields of your email template Marketing tab, they need to be set up first as below.

  1. Go to the Setup drop down.
  2. Go to Sales & Marketing Automation.
  3. Select Campaign Email Addresses. Note: This will show you all existing emails which have been set up to use as email campaign addresses.
  4. Click the New Email button to set up additional addresses.


  1. Enter the new email address you wish to set up.
  2. Click the Save button.


Note: An email will be sent immediately to the address specified. You will need to click the link to activate, e.g. as below, to confirm the new email address.


Executing the Marketing Campaign

This is where you will use the user group and template already set up in the previous sections, to execute the actual campaign and send out to your customers.

  1. Go to the Campaigns drop down.
  2. Go to Marketing.
  3. Select Marketing Campaigns. Note: this will allow you to see all previous campaigns, which you can view or edit.
  4. Click the New button.


  1. Enter a descriptive title for your campaign.
  2. The Manager will be set by default to yourself and can be changed here if needed.
  3. The Start Date will be today’s date by default – change this if scheduling for a future date.
  4. Set the Campaign Status to “In Progress”.
  5. Set the Next Action to the text “Run campaign”.
  6. Select the name of the target group you previously set up.
  7. Select the template which you previously set up.
  8. Enter an email title for the campaign going out.
  9. Use Subscription to narrow the group of users receiving the campaign to those with certain subscriptions, eg. subscribed to newsletters, marketing, etc.
  10. Set the Channel to “Email Promotion”.
  11. Set the Status to “Execute”.
  12. Select the date of when you want your campaign to run.
  13. Select the time at which you want your campaign to run.
  14. Click the Save button.


Your campaign will now be sent out at the date and time selected, to the user group you specified.

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