Saved Search – Sales Order and Invoice Comparison

Reconciling your sales orders to invoices can be done using a custom saved search, to provide all information you need in the one listing.

To generate a saved search which compares the total sales order value to the total invoiced value of linked sales orders and invoices:

1. Go to the Reports drop down

2. Go to Saved Searches

3. Go to All Saved Searches

4. Select New

5. Select Tranaction

SO and Invoice Comparision 1

1. Enter a custom title for your saved search (if you need to access it in future, it will be listed under this title in the “All Saved Searches” menu option).

2. Go to the Criteria tab.

3. Enter the below criteria filters:

Main line = True

Date = Select your desired date range for this search

Type = Invoice

SO and Invoice Comparision 2

1. Click the Results tab

2. Enter the below results fields:





Created From

Created From: Amount

3. You can select Save & Run from the save options, to run your saved search straight away

SO and Invoice Comparision 3

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