Chart of Accounts – Managing Account Hierarchy

Within your Chart of Accounts, a hierarchy can be set up to list certain accounts as “children” accounts to sit under the “parent” accounts. This allows for grouping and sub-totalling of accounts when viewing your financial reports.

To list an account as a “child” account of another:

  1. Go to the Reports drop down
  2. Go to Financial
  3. Select Chart of Accounts
  4. Click the Edit link next to the account which you would like to make a “child” account

  1. On the Edit Account page, select More Options against the “Subaccount of” field and select List


  1. Choose the “parent” account for your “child” account to sit under. Note: “child” accounts are already shown in this listing, separated by a colon, e.g. “6110 Salary OnCosts : Payroll Tax” where Salary OnCosts is the “parent” account and Payroll Tax is the “child” account
  2. Click Save

When viewing financial reports, the “child” account will now be listed under the “parent” account, and included in the totalling of all accounts under the “parent”.

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