By selecting the “Lists Overview” option from the drop down, all list options will be displayed in the main portlet. You will see options beside each link to either create a new record, or search through the existing records. You can also click on the hyperlinked option, e.g. “Items” to see a list view of all existing records.

The categories you will see here are:

  1. Accounting – this includes both your financial Chart of Accounts, as well as the products or items you purchase and sell. New items can be set up from here.
  2. Employees – this is where you will manage employee records, including logins, assigning roles (this defines the level of system access they have), payroll setup and employee personal details.
  3. Relationships – customers and supplier (ie, vendor) records can be created and searched using these options.
  4. Web Site – if you are using the in-built website functionality of JCurve to create a standard website to your customers, you can setup and choose which items are displayed on your site. Please note: for advanced website customisation and functionality, you may like to enquire about JCurve’s eCommerce Site Builder.
  5. Search – you can create new saved searches here, or click on the hyperlinked “Saved Searches” to see a list of your existing Saved Searches.
  6. Mass Update – you can manage bulk updates to existing data using this feature, for records such as customers, items, activities, etc. If you select the hyperlinked “Mass Updates” option, you will see a list of mass update categories. Should you wish to look at this feature, we suggest starting off with the “General Updates” list options. See the next section for some further information on Mass Updates.

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