Reports Overview

Using the Reports Overview option from the drop down, all list options will see two portlets:

1. Reports Overview – this gives you a full overview of all available reports, including Custom Reports, Scheduled Reports, Saved Searches and all other standard reports, broken down into the different categories, e.g. Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Pipeline, etc.

1. Expand All / Collapse All

1. Expand All – The expand all button to expand all the categories of report simultaneously. Once all categories are expanded, you’re able to select the report that you wish to run.

2. Recent Reports – this keeps a listing of all reports you’ve run recently. Just click on any of the hyperlinks to go directly to that report.

3. You can click the hyperlink for any report to go directly into it, or the Customise option to tailor the standard reports more specifically to your business needs.

1. The More / Less Link – While viewing a report, you have the ability to use the More / Less link which enables you to customise the report by Class, Period or Department.

2. The Refresh Button – Always remember to click the Refresh button anytime you make any changes to a report. Not clicking the Refresh button will not automatically update the report once you make changes or customise it.

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