Electronic Payment Gateways

A payment gateway allows you to transact payments electronically, via your website.

The payment gateways which JCurve currently integrate with for Australia and New Zealand is Eway and SecurePay.

 Once you have an account setup with your payment gateway, they will supply you with the payment gateway credentials. 

Installing the Payment Gateway Bundle

1. Go to the Customisation tab.

2. Click SuiteBundler.

3. Select Search & Install Bundles


1. Search for the keyword 47196.

2. Click the Search button.

3. Click the bundle name Payment Gateway with bundle ID 47196.

1. Click the Install button.

2. Click the OK button in the pop up box.


1. Click the Install Bundle button.


The bundle will be installed and show the installation progress percentage in real time.


Activate Plugin

Use the below link to access the plugin:


  1. Tick the Payment Processing plugin that is applicable to you. eg. PGP – Eway Rapid checkbox.
  2. Click the Save button.



Enabling Credit Card Payment

Credit card payment should first be enabled by an administrator via the below process:

1. Go to the Setup tab.

2. Click Company.

3. Select Enabled Features.

4. Click on the Transactions sub tab.



1. Tick the Credit Card Payments option.

2. Click the Save button.

Setting up the SecurePay Credit Card Processing Profile

1. Go to the Setup tab.

2. Click Accounting.

3. Select Credit Card Processing.

4. Click the Add SecurePay Profile button.

Note: On this screen select the relevant credit card processing file. Eg. Eway Rapid or Secure Pay.


1. Enter the Authentication Credentials provided by the payment gateway.

Note: The following screenshot may have slightly different fields to what you see on the SecurePay equivalent profile page.

2. Click the Save button.

Important: It is recommended to run a test transaction to ensure everything is working as expected, prior to using this functionality in a live environment.

Note: Your provider may have supplied you testing-specific details to use for this purpose.

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