Customer Category and Message Lists

With account lists, you can set up lists such as customer types, sales order messages, etc.
Customer Category List

To set up new customer categories, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Accounting.

3. Select Accounting Lists.

4. Sort by the type, to show Customer Category.

5. Click New to create another list entry.


When creating or editing a customer record, you will now see all customer categories from your “Customer Category” list, as highlighted below.

List of Sales Order Responses

To set up a list of selectable Sales Order responses to customers,

1. Go to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Accounting.

3. Select Accounting Lists.

4. Sort by the type, to show Customer Message.

5. Click New to create another list entry.

6. Enter a new title for your customer message.

7. Enter the message which will be sent to the customer.

8. Tick the “Preferred” checkbox if you want this message to be selected by default, for every sales order.

9. Click Save.

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