Delete Contacts in Bulk

Whilst Netsuite give you an option to delete a contact record, one-at-a-time, they do not currently give you an option to delete contact records in bulk. This article shows you how to delete one or many contact records quickly. This may be particularly useful for when you’ve incorrectly imported contact records via CSV import.

How to delete contact records in bulk

  1. Create a saved search that returns a list of relevant contact records that you want to delete. Ensure your search returns at least the Phone field.
  2. Run the search and view the results.
  3. Enable “Inline Editing”, which is an option that appears above the first row of the results.
  4. Use your mouse to highlight the Phone field, whilst holding the Shift key to multi-select rows of contacts you want to delete.
    Note: It is important to make sure that all relevant contacts have something in the Phone field so you have something to highlight. If need be, create a mass update (using similar search criteria as your contact search above) that updates the Mass Update Phone field with a few random numbers, or even consider a CSV import to populate the Phone field. The alternative to this is to highlight as many rows as you can, and bulk delete those, leaving fewer rows for future deletes.
  5. Once you are confident that the right contacts have been highlighted, press delete on your keyboard.
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