Users - Employee Centre Access (Employee Self-Service Users)

The Employee Centre Role allows a number of employees to access functions such as accessing payslips, the file cabinet, activities and manage their employee information.

5 Employee Self-Service Users:

5 x free employee centre licenses are included with your JCurve account.  This allows employees to view and create calendar events, contacts and PO requests.

Further details on functionality below:

Please contact JCurve Customer Care if you are unsure of whether this applies to your account.

JCurve Employee Centre:

JCurve Employee Center is a portal-based ERM solution that automates and centralizes employee management and self-service to optimize a company’s investment in its employees and reduce costs. Employee Center lets employees track and enter timesheets, enter their expense reports and purchase orders on line, which are then automatically routed by workflow to the appropriate manager’s portal for approval. Upon approval, the transactions are automatically routed to the financial department for processing.

Expense Reporting and Management:

All expense reporting, approvals, and payment are also managed within JCurve ERM, allowing employee expense entry and management approval from any where via a browser and rapid reimbursement through integrated payroll. For employees who bill back their time to other departments or external clients, the time on tasks or projects can be automatically seamlessly tracked and billed to the appropriate party. JCurve routes employees’ reports automatically to supervisors who can approve the reports from their dashboards with one click of a button.

Purchase Requests:

Employees can easily make purchase requests, which are then routed to supervisors for approval. Once approved, the accounting department converts purchase requests into purchase orders with just one click.

Calendaring & Activity Time Management:

Delivering powerful group calendaring capabilities, JCurve ERM lets users share calendars, develop schedules per project activity, and monitor assets, all of which help business processes flow more smoothly. Individuals are empowered to manage their schedules more effectively, while managers have full visibility into the activities of their employees on an individual or per project basis.

To create a new Employee Centre Access:

  1. Go to Lists
  2. Click on Employees
  3. Click Employees
  4. Click New to create a new employee record

Primary Information:

  1. Enter a Salutation for the employee
  2. Enter the Employee Name
  3. In the Job Title field, enter the employee’s title
  4. In the Supervisor field, select the employee’s supervisor
  5. Enter any Comments in the Notes field if required
  6. In the Image field, select a picture for the employee if required
  7. Save the employee record  

Note: Additional subtabs such as Bank Payment Details, Payroll, Tax Info, Leave Info and Superannuation will only need to be completed if using JCurve Payroll.  Please refer to the Payroll documentation found here for further information – 

Setting up an employee with JCurve Access:

  1. From the Employee Record, go to the Access tab
  2. Check the Give Access and Send Notification Email checkboxes
  3. Enter a temporary password in the Password field and repeat within the Confirm Password field
  4. Check the Require Password Change On Next Login checkbox if required
  5. Go to the Roles subtab
  6. Click the drop-down menu and select Employee Centre
  7. Click Add
  8. Save the record



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