Viewing the Status of Memorised Transactions

The following article provides instruction around how to view the status of memorised transactions.

You can view the status of memorised transactions by following these steps:

  1. Go to Transactions
  2. Down to Management
  3. Across to Enter Memorised Transactions
  4. Click Status

Memorise 1


Each scheduled memorised transaction is shown along with it’s status. The statuses include:

  • Complete – The transaction has been successfully created.
  • Failed – The transaction was not completed due to an error.
  • Pending – The transaction has been queued and will be processed in turn.
  • Processing – The transaction is currently being created.

If a memorised transaction fails, an Error Link is shown in the View Result column.  Clicking this link opens the error at Setup > Company > System Alerts that explains why the memorised transaction process failed.

Memorise 2

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