Customisation - Line Level Qty On Hand and Qty Available on Transaction Forms

Transaction forms can be customised to show various types of information, including Qty On Hand and Qty Available figures at line level.

To customise your form:

1. First, take note of the form name being used when entering your transaction.

Note: The form name is only visible when entering or editing transactions. Viewing transactions does not display the form name.



1. Go to Customisation.

2. Go to Forms.

3. Select Transaction Forms.

4. Click the Customise button next to the appropriate form.



1. Go to the Screen Fields tab.

2. Go to Columns.

3. Select Available to add the Qty Available figure.

4. Select On Hand to add the Qty On Hand figure.

Save your changes.



Now, when you create a transaction with the appropriate form selected, you will see the Qty On Hand and Qty Available fields after selecting an item.


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