NetSuite Release – Pre-Release Tasks

As part of NetSuite’s commitment to continual product improvement, two software updates are scheduled for each year. This article contains important information regarding the Release Preview environment and how to prepare your account for the new release. 
Note: not all NetSuite enhancements and features will be released to the JCurve ERP edition.

We’ve made it easy for our customers to see the applicable features and enhancements in the following 2018.1 release summary.

 Should you be using a NetSuite edition, please see the full NetSuite 2018.1 release notes.

Each new release will be detailed on your dashboard. If you don’t see the new release portlet as pictured below, please see our Dashboard – New Release Portlet article on how to show the portlet.

Sneak Peak - This provides an overview of the main areas of improvement for the upcoming release.

Release Notes - A downloadable PDF is available here, with specific detail about all features which are added, improved or updated.

Release Preview Test Plan - This is where you’ll find a plan of how to test the release. Some functions and features may not be applicable to your JCurve edition, so please speak with our Customer Care team if you’re unsure.

Release Preview Login - This is your own preview session, based on a replica of your normal production account. This is essentially a snapshot of your live account from a certain point in time. The data is static after this snapshot and will not affect your separate live account in any way.

Note: You may experience reduced loading speeds in your Release Preview account. This is anticipated and specific only to the test environment. It is not indicative of the performance of the upcoming Release.

Training Resources - Here, you’ll have access to all webinars and pre-recorded demonstrations of functionality for the upcoming release.


If you experience any issues in the release preview, please log them directly with NetSuite. Include ‘Release Preview’ in the subject and a short summary of the issue to ensure the issue receives priority. For instructions on how to log an issue with NetSuite, please see our Logging a Defect with NetSuite article. Issues can also be logged with NetSuite directly from your test account via SuiteAnswers.

Further information is available in the Release Notes and SuiteAnswers.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I access the Release Preview environment?
For instructions on how to access your Release Preview environment please click here.
When is my account going to be upgraded?
Accounts are upgraded in a staggered approach.
Why is the data in my Release Preview environment not up to date?
The data in your Release Preview is not live, it is a snapshot of data at a certain point in time. Generally this is the date that your Release Preview account was created.
Will any changes to data in the Release Preview account impact my production account?
Any changes made in the Release Preview environment will not impact your production account.
How do I know if I'm logged in to the Release Preview environment?
You will see RELEASE PREVIEW text next to your company logo on the top left hand corner of your screen.


From your Role selection drop down, you can switch to your Release Preview account as shown below. RP indicates this is the Release Preview account. 



What should I test in the Release Preview environment?

Make sure you test your business processes in the Release Preview from Start to Finish. 

Where can I read about all the detailed changes coming in the new release?

Review the ‘Release Notes’ – available in your New Release portlet

Note: Further information is available in the SuiteAnswers. Please see Suite Answer: 50290

What do I do if I have identified a issue/defect in the Release Preview?

If you experience any issues in the New Release, we encourage you to log them directly with NetSuite. Click here to find out how to log a defect with NetSuite. Defects can be logged with NetSuite from your Release Preview account via SuiteAnswers.


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