Login Audit Trail

As an added security feature, JCurve allows you to view a log of all login attempts to the system, with time-stamp and IP address information. The IP address can help identify where the login request was made from.

To view the login audit trail:

1. Go to the Setup drop down

2. Go to Users/Roles

3. Select View Login Audit Trail

You are then able to filter your results by a number of options, including:

  1.  Select the specific users you would like to audit. You can also select -Mine- to see your own audit log.Note: hold the control key and click on multiple entries to select more than one user
  2. You can also select specific roles instead of, or in conjunction with specific users
  3. Select your date range here, otherwise a full history of all log in attempts will be shown
  4. When you have selected all appropriate options, click Submit

You will then see the below information reported on the audit log:

  1. The date and time stamp of when the log in attempt was made
  2. The email address used to log into JCurve
  3. The user’s name, as listed on their JCurve record
  4. The role which the user logged in with
  5. The IP address recorded, which can help indicate the network or location which the user logged in from
  6. The status of the log in attempt, indicating whether they accessed the system successfully
  7. The security challenge confirms whether the user was asked to enter their secret question answer, and whether it was successful. Note: The secret question is only asked if logging in from a different browser or computer, which the user has not previously used

Note: As an added security feature, you will also receive an email from NetSuite any time your login is accessed from a different computer or browser, which has not previously been used to access the system.

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