Checking Active User Licenses

You can easily check the number of licenses which are currently in use against your JCurve ERP or NetSuite account, and also see which users have been granted login access.
Note: You require Admin access or your role needs the Billing Information permission to access this page.

To check the number of licenses:

1. Go to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Company.

3. Select View Billing Information.

4. Locate the Full Access User line

5. Confirm the number of Current Used Qty to see how many licenses have been taken up.

You can then cross-check this against the below to confirm which users have been assigned access:

1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Employees.

3. Select Employees.

4. Click on the Login Access column heading to sort by this.

Any users with an assigned license will be shown under the Login Access column as Yes.

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