Reducing Users in JCurve

When user numbers are reduced, all users set up will remain in place as they are, if you do not untick the “give access” option for any unneeded users.

For example:

If you previously had 10 licensed users and go down to 5 licensed users without unticking “give access” on anyone’s record, all 10 users will still be in place. Once 5 users have logged into the system concurrently, nobody else will be able to log in. This is why it’s important to manage your active and inactive users accordingly.

To view active user numbers:

Checking Active User Licenses KB Article

To remove access from a specific employee:

1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Employees.

3. Select Employees.

4. Click Edit adjacent to the Employees name.

5. Click the Access sub tab.

6. Remove the check mark from Give Access.

7. Click Save.


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