Viewing Previous Netsuite Support Cases

The NetSuite Account Center Portlet allows you to review details of previously submitted cases and track their current status.
Adding Portlet Access

Note: Users need to have the NetSuite Support Centre role to view the portlet. An Administator will need to add this access to the user if the portlet is not initially seen, following the below process:

1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Employees.

3. Select Employees.


1. Edit the employee record you wish to change.


1. Click the Access sub tab.

2. Select the “NetSuite Support Centre” role.

3. Click the Add button.

4. Click the Save button.


Accessing the Account Centre Portlet

1. Go to the Support drop down.

2. Click on the “NetSuite Account Center” link under the NetSuite Account Center Portlet.


1.  Under the Quick View section, select “Open Cases“.


Note: You will be shown a list view of your cases. By default, the list is shown by “Not Closed” stage cases. This can be changed if to show closed cases also.


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