How to Access Suite Answers

The SuiteAnswers site is a searchable knowledge base of articles produced by NetSuite. Please bear in mind, articles relate to the full range NetSuite products. As such, some functions may not directly relate to your JCurve edition.

To access the SuiteAnswers site:

1. Go to the Support Tab.

2. Click on the Go to SuiteAnswers button.

3. Enter your keyword(s) into the search field.

4. Click the Search button.

5. Your search results will be displayed here, in order of relevance.


If you can’t see the SuiteAnswers Portlet, you may have removed it. It can be re-enabled at any time by following the below:

1. Click the Personalise link.

2. Ensure you’re under the Standard Content section.

3. Click or drag and drop the SuiteAnswers item to add to your Support dashboard.

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