Transferring Inventory Between Locations

When tracking inventory using the Multi-Location Inventory feature, you can record any movement of inventory between locations. Use the Inventory Transfer form to post information regarding changes in inventory levels for each item in each location. The basic inventory transfer decreases items in the source location and increases them in the receiving location, all in one step.

Warning: JCurve recommends that you do not delete or change inventory transactions dated prior to an inventory distribution, as this can cause difficulties maintaining accurate inventory data.

To enter a basic inventory transfer (in the Administrator Role):
  1. Go to Transactions.
  2. Down to Inventory.
  3. Click Transfer Inventory.


  1. The current date auto fills the Date field. Select or enter a different date if needed.
  2. Select or enter a Posting Period for this transaction.
  3. In the Ref. No. field, enter a reference number for this transaction. If you have set up auto-numbering, the current number shows in this field.
  4. In the Memo field, enter information to identify this transaction in a list of other transactions. For example, when you use the Search Transactions feature, you can search for specific words and phrases in the Memo field.
  5. In the From Location field, select the location you want to take the item out of. The inventory at this location is reduced.
  6. In the To Location field, select the location where you want to send the item. The inventory at this location is increased.
  7. Select a Department or Class if you track them.
  8. In the Item field, select the item you want to transfer. The description of this item appears in theDescription field.
  9. The quantity on hand in the location you are pulling items from appears in the Qty On Hand field.
  10. In the Qty to Transfer field, enter the quantity of items you want to transfer to another location. Note: You should not enter an item quantity that exceeds the item’s quantity on hand at the location from which you are moving the items. Please review the quantity on hand at that location before entering a value in this field.
  11. If the item you are transferring is a Serial or Lot Numbered item, you can enter the serial or lot numbers.
    • Separate each serial number with a space, comma or by pressing enter after each one. You must enter a serial number for each serialized item. For example, if you enter a quantity of 2, then you must enter two serial numbers.
    • Lot numbers must be entered in this format: LOT#(Quantity). For example, to enter a quantity of 100 items as Lot number ABC1234, enter ABC1234(100).
  12. In the From Bins field, the preferred bin for the From location is selected.
    • To enter quantities to transfer from other bins, click the bin number, and click the Bins icon. You can enter quantities that combine to equal the total quantity to transfer for each bin associated with item, and click Done.
    • You can also enter bin numbers separated by commas with on-hand quantities in parentheses. For example, you can enter A101(50), A102(43).
  13. In the To Bins field, the preferred bin for the To location is selected.
  14. Click Add.
    • The bottom of the Inventory Transfer page shows a list of items you intend to transfer.
    • This list displays the item and the data you entered about the transfer transaction.
  15. Click Save.  When you click Save, your inventory is updated for each location.

Note: Repeat steps 9 through 14 for any other inventory items you want to transfer.


You can view transfers you create by going to Transactions > Inventory > Transfer Inventory > List.

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