Scripting in JCurve

Scripting directly on the JCurve Platform is not supported. Any custom scripts must be written within a NetSuite Development Account, and created as a bundle for deployment into the JCurve Production Account.

How to Apply For a NetSuite Developer Account:

Third parties wishing to develop custom scripting will need to join the Suite Cloud Developer Network in order to gain access to a NetSuite Developer Account. This is free and can be accessed here:

Script Development & Deployment Process:

Step 1. The Customer engages their 3rd Party Developer to write custom scripts.

Step 2. The Developer will write the scripts within their NetSuite Development Account.

Step 3. When the scripts are ready to be deployed, the Developer will create a bundle containing the scripts.

Step 4. The developer shares the bundle to the customer’s account.

Step 5. The customer will install the bundle.

Note: If scripting is required to be temporarily enabled to install the bundle, the customer will need to contact Customer Care to enable scripting temporarily. Once the bundle has been successfully installed, scripting will be disabled by Customer Care.

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