Customisation – Adding a Standard Transaction Form Field

You add custom fields to your transaction forms such as invoices, sales orders, etc. Some standard fields may be an additional date or free text field.

To add a standard transaction form field:

1. Go to the Customisation drop down

2. Go to Lists, Records, & Fields

3. Go to Transaction Body Fields

4. Select New

Transaction Form field 1

1. Enter a Label name for your new field

2. Select the type of transaction forms the field will apply to

Transaction Form field 2

1. Click the Display sub-tab

2. Select the sub-tab you would like the field to appear under. If it’s to appear in the main header section of your transaction, select Main

Transaction Form field 3

1. Click the Validation & Defaulting sub-tab

2. Select whether this will be a mandatory field

3. You can also enter a default value, if needed, to the field (it will automatically pre-fill with this value)

4. Click the Save button

Transaction Form field 4


When creating a transaction using a form you’ve added your custom field to, you’ll now see it available:

Transaction Form field 5


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