Saved Search – Simple Sales Rep / Commission

You can see your Sales Rep figures and add a simple commission formula using a saved search.

To set up your saved search:

  1. Go to the Reports drop down
  2. Go to Saved Searches
  3. Go to All Saved Searches
  4. Select New
  5. Click on the Transaction link

SS Sales Rep Commision 1 

  1. Enter a title for your saved search
  2. Go to the Criteria tab
  3. Enter your filters, e.g

Date – to determine what date range to include results from

Type – the transaction type to base your search on, e.g. Sales Order, Invoice, etc

Main Line – set this to true in order to return the order or invoice total on your search

SS Sales Rep Commision 2


  1. Go to the Results tab
  2. Enter any defaults of how the search results should be sorted, e.g. by the Sales Rep name, date, etc
  3. Enter the fields to appear on your results, e.g.

Sales Rep – the name of the Sales Rep for the sale

Number – the transaction reference number, e.g. sales order number

Date – the date of the transaction

Name – the customer account name

Amount – the total transaction dollar value

Formula (Numeric) – use a formula if you want to add a calculation into the results. To have a standard commission percentage of the total sale value displayed, you would use {amount}/XX (percentage amount), entered under the Formula column

4. Click Save

SS Sales Rep Commision3


You should see a saved search, providing information about the sales rep, transaction references, total value and a commission amount based on the percentage, if this has been added.

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