Mass Updates

To manage a mass update of information, to the records within the system:

1. Go to the Lists drop down.

2. Click Mass Update.

3. Select Mass Updates.

4. Use the triangle to expand the category listing.

5. Select your type of Mass Update.

1. Set a custom name for your update – this name will be referenced whenever you want to run the same update again from your Saved Mass Updates option.

2. Click the Criteria tab to set any specifics on which records to update, e.g. items created more than a month ago, or that have an average cost greater than $5.00.

3. Click the Mass Update Fields tab for your options of what to update.

4. Click the Apply checkbox for the fields you would like to update, e.g. the preferred vendor for the item, whether it’s active, the minimum quantity, etc.

5. Set the new value to apply during this update.

6. Click the Save button to run the update.

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