Creating a Sales Order

Enter sales orders to record items and services promised to customers. You can also fulfill items on sales orders to track which items and services have been delivered or yet to be delivered.
To Enter a Sales Order:
  1. Go to Transactions
  2. Then on to Sales
  3. Then on to Enter Sales Orders


Primary Information:
  1. Select a Customer from the drop down menu
  2. Select the Status from the drop down menu
  3. If you have discounts in place and want to apply it to the order total, select Discount Item. See Creating an Item Discount for further information on this feature
  4. Select your Items from the drop down menu
  5. Click Add to add items to order
  6. Save the record


Note: Select the Add Multiple if you wish to order more than one item.

Shipping Details:
  1. Select a Carrier from the drop down menu
  2. Select the Shipping Method from the drop down menu
  3. Save the record


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