Creating a Project

You can create basic projects within JCurve, to provide tracking on projects and tasks as needed.

To create a basic project record:

  1. Go to to the Lists drop down
  2. Go to Relationships
  3. Select Customers
  4. Click the View hyperlink next to the customer you wish to create the project for


  1. Go to the New item drop down
  2. Select Project. Note: Once a project record is created, you cannot change the customer associated with that project record


Under Primary Information:

  1. Untick the Auto checkbox if you wish to assign your own Project ID (otherwise NetSuite will assign this automatically)
  2. Enter your Project ID reference
  3. Enter a name for your project
  4. Enter a start date for the project
  5. If you have an email address specific to the project, enter it here
  6. If you have phone number specific to the project, enter it here
  7. In the Status field, select a status that indicates the progress of this project. Note: You can create new project statuses at Setup > Other Setup > Accounting Lists > New, then choose Project Status


Further project specific information can be added using the sub-tabs as described below:


Primary Currency – If you use the Multiple Currencies feature, select the currency for this customer.


Under Contacts, associate contacts with this project.


Enter phone calls, tasks, or events related to this project.
On the Files subtab, attach files from your file cabinet that are related to this project. For example, you can attach a contract as a file associated with this project.
Select -New- to upload a new file to the File Cabinet.
On the User Notes subtab, add notes related to this project.


Enter the billing and shipping addresses for this project.
Once you have entered information on these subtabs, click Save.

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