My Payroll Tab Is Not Displaying

If the Payroll Tab is not displaying follow the below steps to resolve the issue.
Note: As a best practice we recommend you assign the payroll tab to a specific employee, rather than a role. This will ensure the Payroll tab won't disappear when the payroll bundle is updated.

1. Go to the Customization drop down.

2. Click Centers and Tabs.

3. Select Center Tabs.

4. Click Edit next to JCurve Payroll.

5. Click on the Audience sub tab.

6. Select the employee’s name from the Employee selection box.

Note: Make sure you consider any employees already selected in this box. You’ll need to hold Shift to maintain the existing multi-select when you add an employee, otherwise you’ll remove all pre-selected values when you add the new one.

7. Click the Save button.

The Payroll option will now appear in the menu tabs.

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