Employee Leave – Manually Adjusting Leave

An Employee’s leave balance can be manually adjusted by creating a Leave History record. This is useful if you need to import leave balances from another payroll system.

Note: Use the JCurve Payroll Admin role to perform the below steps.

1. Go to JCurve Payroll Admin > Payroll Records > Employees and click View on the relevant employee.

2. Go to Leave Info > Leave History Record > New Leave History Record.

3. Select the relevant Leave Type.

9. Select the relevant Accrual Type.  Choose ‘Accrual’ if your adjustment is an addition of hours (positive amount of hours) and choose ‘Taken’ if your adjustment is for the removal of hours (negative amount of hours).  

4. Enter the number of hours to adjust by.

5. If you are importing Leave information from another payroll system, ensure you tick the Is Import option

6. Click Save.

7. Click the Update Leave button on the employee record to complete the process. Once this has been done, go to Leave Info tab to review Leave Balances.


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