Entering a Commission Payment

The following article demonstrates how to enter a one off commission payment within the JCurve Payroll module.  In our example, we are running an Adjustment Pay Run to pay only the commission payment.  The example will also discuss how to manually edit the payslip to correct the amount of tax applied.
 Initiate the payrun:

From the JCurve Payroll Admin role:

  1. Navigate to the JCurve Payroll tab
  2. Down to Payroll Activities
  3. Click on Start New Payrun


On the Run Payroll screen:

  1. Select Adjustment in the Pay Run Type field
  2. Select the Pay Period (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  3. Select the Period Start/End Dates (Important to note when processing an adjustment pay run to use the same start/end dates as the corresponding standard pay run)
  4. Select the Pay Date
  5. Uncheck the Accrue Leave checkbox
  6. Select only the employee/s that are receiving a commission payment
  7. Click Submit


 Entering a Part Period Reduction so the employee/s normal salary/wages are not duplicated:
  1. Select the relevant employee from the Employee drop down and click tab
  2. Select Part Period Reduction from the Pay Rate Type (Sub) drop down and click tab
  3. Enter the employees total normal working hours into the Hours field (this will bring the amount of hours worked down to zero)
  4. Click Add
  5. Click Submit
  6. Click OK 


  1. Click OK on the second popup window


 Entering details of the commission payment:

On the Process Payslips screen:

  1. Click the Enter One Off Payments button


  1. Select the relevant employee from the Employee drop down
  2. Select Commission from the Description drop down
  3. Enter a quantity of 1 into the Quantity field
  4. Enter the gross amount of the commission payment in the Rate field
  5. Click Add
  6. Click Submit


  1. Click OK


You will now be taken back to the Process Payslips screen:

  1. Click Submit


  1.  Click OK


Next, view the payslip to ensure the commission payment has been captured correctly, and to confirm that the figures are correct:

  1. Right click on the View Payslip hyperlink fournd in the Current Payslip column and open this in a new window


 Manually editing the payslip to amend discrepancies:
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the Payslip screen and check all relevant lines on the payslip look correct.  The PAYG Withholding line reflects $195.00 in the Amount column.  In our example, we’d like to change this to reflect a tax amount of $225.00
  2. To amend this manually click Edit
  3. Then click the Edit hyperlink to be taken to the Payslip Detail Screen


  1. Once here, navigate to the Amount field and manually enter the correct value, again in our example it should be $225.00
  2. Click Save


On the Payslip screen:

  1. Click the Recalculate button


On the Recalculate Payslip screen:

  1. Uncheck Reprocess Tax
  2. Uncheck Reprocess Super
  3. Uncheck Reprocess Percentages
  4. Click Recalculate


  1. Click OK


You will now be taken back to the Approve Payslips screen:

  1. Click Submit


 Completing the pay run process:

On the Post Payruns screen:

  1. Click Submit


  1.  Click OK


  1.  Click Pay Pay Run


  1.  Click the Refresh button (and continue to until you see journal posting confirmation)
  2. The journal posting can be found in the Posting Transaction field


  1. Continue to click Refresh
  2. You will then be presented with a downloadable PDF copy of the payslip and ABA File (where you have this function set)
  3. Click on Download to do a final check of the payslip


  1. Once satisfied with the payslip, click Email Payslips


  1. Click Email Payslips



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