Payroll – Manually Adjusting Tax Component (Post Pay Run)

If an employee has had the incorrect amount of tax taken from their pay, but you have paid them the correct actual amount of pay, this can be fixed after the pay run.

Note: If the tax has been paid to the ATO since the pay run, or if the employee has not received the correct actual payment, an adjustment run should be performed rather than the below method. Please speak with our Customer Care team if you’re unsure of the right process in your situation.

From an administrator login, to correct the tax component for a single employee after a pay run:

1. Go to the JCurve Payroll drop down.

2. Go to Payroll Records.

3. Select Pay Run Records List.

4. Select the affected pay run.


1. Click the Roll Back button.


1. Select Post Payrun from the drop down.

2. Click the Roll Back Payroll button.


1. Against the appropriate employee’s details, click the View Payslip link.



1. Click the Edit link, next to the tax component.


1. Change the tax amount, to reflect the correct amount of tax to be deducted from the pay.

2. Click the Save button.


1. Notice that the tax amount has now changed against the payslip details.

2. Click the Recalculate button, to apply the tax changes to the pay.


1. Ensure the Reprocess Super and Reprocess Percentages checkboxes are ticked.

2. Ensure the Reprocess Tax checkbox is not ticked.

3. Press the Recalculate button.

4. Click OK on the warning pop up.


1. Make sure the Amount is still reflecting the correct tax.

2. You can now click the Pay Run link to return to the pay run and complete it again as normal.


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