Payroll – Error During Setup

If you encounter the below described error during your payroll setup, these steps will help you resolve this.

The below error message can appear during the Payroll Setup:

A problem occurred an administrator has been informed, please do not proceed with configuration until resolved (SSS_INVALID_SRCH_OPERATOR An nlobjSearchFilter contains an invalid operator, or is not in proper syntax: custrecord_pr_eft_durisdiction. genStepEFT(payroll_sl_setup.js$179:980) main(payroll_sl_setup.js$179:127))

This message is seen at the EFT Details step and the user is not able to select anything from the Output Format drop down.

The user may have changed roles during the payroll setup process. This will force removal of the initial Country setup in step 1 of the setup.

They need to go back to Step 1 of the payroll setup and re-select the country, then proceed all the way through to the EFT setup session which should then allow them to select the Output Format, as this is reliant on country data to give the relevant options in the drop down.


USER_Error please enter value(s) for: Department main(Payroll_sch_pay_payrun.js$18049:567)

1. Go to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Accounting.

3. Select Accounting Preferences.

4. Click the General sub tab.



5. Ensure these options are all ticked (see image below) and save your changes.


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