How to Set Up a New Marketing Group

The Marketing Group determines who will receive your marketing campaign. You can create either a dynamic or static group.

Note: We recommend using the Marketing Manager Role to perform the below steps. 

1. Navigate to the Campaigns drop down.

2. Click Marketing.

3. Click Groups.

4. Select New.


1. Select either a Dynamic (based on a saved search / report) or static list (records must be selected and added on by one).

2. Select the type of members to add (Customer or Contact would be the most common).

3. Click the Continue button.


1. Enter a Name for the new group being created.

2. Select the Saved Search, ie. Report on which you will base the group listing.

3. Select the Owner (your own account is selected by default).

4. A preview list of the customers which are contained in the new group will be displayed here.

5. Click the Save button.

Note: The Global Subscription Status determines if the recipient is eligible to receive emails from marketing campaigns and mail merges.


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