Marketing Campaign Reporting

After running a marketing campaign, you can access reporting to give you information on the emails sent, opened by end users and campaign activity.

Note: We recommend using the Marketing Manager Role to perform the below steps. 

To access a summary report of the campaign activity:

1. Go to the Campaigns drop down.

2. Go to Reports.

3. Select Campaign Response (You can also use the Detail option to the right for a more in depth campaign response report).

4. Your response summary results will be displayed, broken down by the campaign method and the campaigns themselves. You can click the +/- symbol next to the campaign category to show or hide the individual campaign statistics.

5. Click the Customise button if you wish to further customise your report to include additional fields.



1. Enter a name for your customised report.

2. Click the + button next to the main category on the left to expand the selection.

3. Click the + button next to the sub-category, which will show all available fields, e.g. “Name (Recipient)”.

4. Drag your field over to the columns on the right, to position it within the report.

5. Use the Preview button to see how these changes will look.

6. Click the Save button to make the changes to your report.

Note: You will now be able to access this customised report through your Reports drop down menu.


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