Marketing Campaign Email Preview

Before sending a marketing campaign, you can send an email preview to your own or other email addresses to ensure the email rendering is as expected.

HTML email communications can yield different results from browser to browser and between different email systems. This is due to how different applications render the HTML code being presented to them. To view an emailed preview of your marketing campaign email template, follow the below steps:

Note: We recommend using the Marketing Manager Role to perform the below steps. 

1. Navigate to the Campaigns drop down.

2. Click Marketing.

3. Select Marketing Templates.

4. Click the Edit button next to an existing template.

5. Alternatively, click New Template to start a fresh email template.


1. Ensure the Send Email Preview checkbox is ticked and enter the email address which you would like to receive the preview.

2. Click the Save button.


Your email preview will now be sent to the chosen email address.

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