Pay Vendor Bills via EFT

NetSuite Electronic Payments enables you to pay your Vendor Bills via EFT. Select the Vendor bills you wish to pay and upload the ABA file that is created to your online bank for processing.

To enable this, you would install the Netsuite Electronic Payments bundle. (Refer to article: for more details on setting this up on your account.)

1. Navigate to the Payments drop down.

2. Click Payment Processing.

3. Select Bill Payment Processing.

4. Select the Bank Account you want to pay from.

5. Enter in an EFT File Reference Note.

6. Select the bills you want to pay.

7. Click Submit.

8. Check that your ABA file has processed successfully.

9. Download your ABA File, which can then be uploaded to your online bank.
Note: You can manually inspect an ABA file by opening it in notepad.
Note: Before you upload the ABA file to your online bank, ensure the date is not in the past or more than 90 days in the future.

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