Setting Up Your Signature

You can add your own signature to JCurve, which will appear on email communications generated from JCurve.

To set up your signature navigate to Home > Set Preferences > General.

Nickname - Enter the name that you want to appear in the From field of email messages you send from NetSuite. For example, you can send an email message by clicking the Email subtab on your employee record.

From Email Address - Enter the email address you want to use as the From address for email you send through the system. Replies to email you send through the system are sent to this email address as well.

Signature - Enter a signature (in HTML markup) you want to appear at the end of email you send from NetSuite.

The HTML must be formatted correctly, including line breaks, hyperlinks, character formatting such as Bold, and any other special formatting. If the signature is not correctly formatted, it will not display properly.

Note: If you’re unsure of how to use HTML code, please speak with your IT department or developer to assist you with the correct HTML coding for your signature.

Add Signature To Messages - Check this box if you want to add your signature to all outgoing email messages.


To add an image / logo to your signature:

  1. Go to the Documents drop down
  2. Go to Files
  3. Select File Cabinet
  4. Select the folder you would like to store your image / logo within
  5. Click the Add File button and select your file from the browser pop up

  1. Once your logo is uploaded to the file cabinet, click the Edit link next to it


  1. Right click on the image URL
  2. Select Copy link address

You can then add the image link into your signature HTML code using the link address, eg.

<img src=”https://yourNetSuitelink“>

Note: Again, speak with your IT department or developer if you’re unsure of how to add this into the HTML markup for your signature.

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