Managing Roles

The access which a user has to system functions is determined by the role they have. You may wish to provide a user with multiple roles to allow for easier access of their core job functions, or restrict them to a particular system functions only, by assigning only a specific role.

There are a number of standard roles already available in the system, for ease of use.

To manage role details:

  1. Go to the Setup drop down.
  2. Click Users/Roles.
  3. Select Manage Roles.
  4. From the Manage Roles page, you can view all available roles and their details, or click theCustomise link next to an existing role, to make changes to it.
  5. You can also create a brand new role and add all permissions manually, using the New Role button.

You can also further customise your role permissions by following the below steps:

1. Go to the Permissions tab.

2. Select your sub-tab, e.g. Lists.

3. Change the access accordingly against the type of transaction, report, list or setup, e.g. from Full to View.

4. Click Save.

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