Customer Centre

Empower your Customers to self-serve by giving them access to your Customer Center. Customers will have the ability to place orders, view order history and make payments.

Enabling the Customer Access Features

1. Go to Setup Company > Enable Features > Web Presence Access > Check Customer Access and Click Save.

Note: If you want your customers to place orders via the Customer Center, ensure Online Ordering is checked.


Customer Center Email Template

Before giving your Customers login access, the Customer Center Access email template needs to be updated to include your company's unique login url. Customers can no longer log in to Customer Center via login page.

1. Go to Setup > Company > Company Information and note down the Customer Center Login url.

For example:

2. Go to Setup > Company > System Email Templates.

3. Click Edit for Standard Customer Center Access Email.

4. Set a Name for your Customer Center Access Email Template.

5. Click the DIV icon, to switch to source code view.


  6. Navigate to the following code snippet:

<font style="font-size:9px; font-family:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif"><img align="absbottom" src="" /> <a href="${companyInformation.loginUrl}">Click here to login</a></font>

Replace ${companyInformation.loginUrl} with your unique customer center url, as per Step 1.

<font style="font-size:9px; font-family:Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif"><img align="absbottom" src="" /> <a href="">Click here to login</a></font>

7. Click Save.

8. Go to Setup > Company > Email Preferences > Templates > Customer Center Email Template and select your custom template and click Save.


Give your Customers Access to the Customer Center

Customers are required to have an email address before you can provide them Customer Center access.

1. Navigate to a Customer record whilst in edit mode and go to Access sub tab and check Give Access.

2. Assign the Role Customer Centre and click Save.

3. Assign a password.

Note: If your Customer already has access to a JCurve account, leave the password field blank and they can log in using their existing email address and password.

4. Check the Send Email Notification box if you want to notify your customer of their access. For security reasons, the email message will not disclose the password. You must contact your customer with this information.

 Note: If you want to assign individual logins for this customer’s contacts, check the Access box next to each contact you want to grant access to. Make sure each contact has an email address listed, and enter a password for each.




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