Customer Centre

Providing your customers with access to the Customer Center within JCurve empowers them to place orders, view invoices and make payments.

Enabling the Customer Access Feature:

Note: The below steps need to be performed by an Administrator.

1. Go to Setup

2. Select Company

3. Click Enable Features

Customer Centre 1

4. Click the Web Presence tab

5. Under the Access heading, ensure Customer Access is checked

6. Click Save

Customer Centre 2

Providing your Customers with access to the Customer Center

1. Go to Lists

2. Select Relationships

3. Click Customers

Customer Centre 3

4. Click Edit

Customer Centre 4

5. Enter your customers email address. This will be the email they use to log in to the Customer Centre

6. Click the System Information subtab

7. Click the Access subtab

8. Ensure Give Access is checked

9. Ensure the Role selected is Customer Centre

10. Check the Send Email Notification box if you want to notify your customer of their access. For security reasons, the email message will not disclose the password. You must contact your customer with this information

11. If your customer is a brand new user to JCurve then you will need to set a password. If they already have access to JCurve they will log in using their existing password

12. Click Save

Customer Centre 5

 Note: If you want to assign individual logins for this customer’s contacts, check the Access box next to each contact you want to grant access to. Make sure each contact has an email address listed, and enter a password for each.

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