International Tax Reports

If you are using the JCurve New Zealand Edition, you can install the International Tax Report bundle which will allow you to produce the GST101A report.

Step 1. Check Installed Bundles

1. Navigate to the Customization drop down.

2. Click SuiteBundler.

3. Click Search & Install Bundles.

4. Select List.

5. Review installed bundles.

Important: If bundle Tax Filing & Reporting (8375) is installed, click the green Action icon and selectUpdate. This will automatically install the International Tax Reports bundle. If this bundle can not be located, then proceed to Step 2.

 Step 2. Install International Tax Reports Bundle

1. Navigate to the Customization drop down.

2. Click SuiteBundler.

3. Select Search & Install Bundles.

4. Enter 14864 in Keywords.

5. Click Search.

6. Click International Tax Reports.

7. Click Install.

8. Click OK.

9. Click Install Bundle.

10. Click OK.

11. Click Refresh until the International Tax Reports bundle (14864) installs.

12. International Tax Reports will display a green check mark when it has been successfully installed.

 Step 3. Run GST101A Report

1. Navigate to the Reports drop down.

2. Click VAT/GST.

3. Select Tax Reports (International).

4. Set Country Form to New Zealand.

5. Set a Tax Period.

6. Set To Date.

Note: The GST101A reports by period, so the Report By Period setting should not be set to Never.

To check the Report by Period Setting:

1. Navigate to the Home drop down.

2. Click Set Preferences.

3. Click Analytics.

4. Set Report By Period to All Reports.

5. Click Save.

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