From the Activities tab, you can access options such as: tasks, events, phone calls and your calendar. You can choose these options individually, or see everything in the one screen, using the Activities Overview option.
If you select Activities you will see the following:
  1. The Quick View Calendar highlights days which have calendar entries set up. You can also switch between Day, Week and Month view, which will change the larger calendar portlet view (point 2 below).
  2. The Main Calendar portlet shows you a detailed view of your calendar entries. You can also add entries to your calendar directly from here, simply by clicking on the hyperlinked time slot.
  3. You’ll see a Quick Links portlet here to create or search your Events, Tasks, Phone Calls and Activities.
  4. You will also have some Quick Add portlets, and you’ll see more of these as you scroll down this page.

Note: You can click the Personalize option in the top right hand corner of your screen, to further customize your dashboard by adding and or removing additional portlets. 

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