Auto Generated Numbers

Auto Generated Numbers allows you to automatically number certain records in the order they are created, and to add prefixes and suffixes to certain relationship records and transactions.

Auto-generating numbered records and adding prefixes and suffixes to records and transactions enables you to know the record or transaction’s type and estimated age at a glance.

To set up Auto Generated Numbers:

1. Navigate to the Setup drop down.

2. Click Company.

3. Select Auto-Generated Numbers.

Note: The below is showing the Transactions sub tab.

4. Prefix – Enter any letters or numbers that you want to appear in front of every record number of this type.

5. Suffix – Enter any letters or numbers you want to appear after every record number of that type.

6. Minimum Digits – Enter the lowest number of digits you want in your auto-generated numbering code. Valid values for this field range from 0–20

7. Initial Number – Enter the number you want your first numbered record to be.

8. Current Number – This is the number of the latest transaction.

9. Allow Override – Check the box to be able to enter your own name or number on records.

10. Update – Check the box to assign a number to all existing records of that type, starting with the next available number or the number you enter in the Initial Number column, whichever is higher. When your existing records are numbered, the former name moves to the Company Name field on that record. If theCompany Name field is already filled, the former name displays next to the new number.

11. Click Save.

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