Viewing NetSuite Case History

If you’ve submitted a case directly to NetSuite, you can view the full history and all correspondence.

Note: Customers with the extended NetSuite Support service are able to submit “how to” queries directly to NetSuite. If you don’t have this type of support or are unsure of your support service, please contact JCurve directly.

Alternatively, all customers are able to submit enhancement or defect requests directly to NetSuite. These are requests concerning functionality you would like to see, or functionality which has been confirmed as not working correctly. Please speak with our JCurve Customer Care team before submitting a case if you’re unsure whether it classifies as an enhancement or defect.

Case history for all case types submitted directly to NetSuite can also be viewed using the below method:

1. Go to the Support tab.

2. Click the link for NetSuite Account Centre.

Note: If you don’t see a link for the NetSuite Account Centre, please contact your administrator to add the “NetSuite Support Centre” role to your record.


1. To see cases related to “how to” queries, click the See Support Cases link.

2. To see cases related to enhancements or defects (NetSuite refers to these cases as “Issues”), click the See Support Issues link.


You’ll now see a listing of the previously submitted cases for your account.

1. Click the case reference number to view its full details and history.

When you would like to return to your normal JCurve account view:

2. Hover over the Change Roles drop down.

3. Click Return to Previous Role.


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