Auto Reminder For Unpaid Invoices

A scheduled Mass Update can be used to automatically send out unpaid Invoices to your Customers. You can configure the email template content and set the frequency of the emails being sent. A pdf of the unpaid Invoice will be automatically attached to the email.

Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > Transactions > Bulk Email  

1. Set a Title for your Mass Update. 

2. Enter in your Criteria to specify the unpaid invoices you want to send out. Use the below criteria as a starting point and further modify to suit your own requirements.


3. Set your Schedule. Once you have tested your Mass Update and are happy to release it, check the Run Update According to Schedule checkbox. 



4. Create your Email message. Select an existing email template or write a new email message.


5. Review Recipients to set priority order of emails. Click Save, to save your Mass Update.


6. Access your Mass Update via Lists > Mass Update > Saved Mass Updates

7. Click Preview, to see a list of Invoices that will be automatically sent out. You can manually uncheck invoices in this list and send out a few to test. A copy of the email sent will show under the messages tab on the Customer record. 

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