Entering an Expense Claim

Entering an Expense Report from an Employee Center Role

1. Go to the Expense Report portlet and click Enter Expense Report.


Note: If you can't see the Expense Reports portlet, click Personalize > Standard Content and click Expense Reports to add it to your dashboard.



Completing an Expense Report

1. Todays Date is inserted by default. You can override this if required.

2. If applicable, in the Advance to Apply field, enter an advance that should be applied to any reimbursement for these expenses.

3. For the purpose field, enter the purpose of your expense.

4. Check or clear the Use Multi Currency box as required. 

5. Select the Expenses subtab and enter each expense as a seperate line item. 

a. The Ref No. field is automatically populated with 1 for the first line item on this expense report. You can update this number. Each new line item uses the next successive number. Items are listed in the order you enter them and cannot be sorted. Line item reference numbers are helpful when referencing receipts and individual expenses.

b. Enter the Date the expense occurred.

c. Select an expense Category

d. If this expense was incurred in a foreign currency, select the currency, and enter the foreign currency amount.

e. You can override the Exchange Rate if applicable.

f. Select the correct Tax Code for your expense. 

g. Enter the Amount of your expense. 

h. Optionally, enter a Memo, Department, Class, or Location that applies only to this line item.

i. In the Attach File column, attach a scanned receipt for this item.

j. If you are providing a receipt for this expense, check the Receipt box.

k. If this item is not reimbursable, check the Non-reimbursable box. 

6. Continue adding expense line items. When you are finished, save the expense report. You have the following options:

a. To save the report and identify it as complete after you have entered all information, click SubmitSubmit & New, or Submit & Print. After an expense report is marked complete, you can no longer make changes to it.

b. To save an incomplete form with submitting it, click Complete Later. Information on the form is saved, but the form is not submitted for approval



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